There are over three billion users of the internet. Out of that very large number of people using the internet, two-thirds are very active on social media platforms. That implies that the internet is a pool of people you can actually grow your business brand on, and that makes social media your best bet when it comes to growing your business brand and one of the benefits of social media for business.

I will be teaching you how to use social media to get your business’ voice, look, and feel out there to your prospects in a very receptive manner and establishing a connection with your customers (which your business needs).

1. Mind your tone Different social media platforms require different tones. You can afford to be really playful on Twitter, but never do that on LinkedIn. Facebook is a mixture of the two, so, you can use at your discretion.


2. Enhance brand awareness with contests Start contests. People love to win something. People love challenges. Put your business brand out there by running challenges, and that might just win you a lot of shares, engagements, and buzz in the process. Using contests to enhance your brand expands the reach of your brand, thus, creating more brand awareness.


3. Boost your most engaging posts There are certain posts that will definitely do well than the others. Boost those posts. Run ads on those posts, and other people may just be as receptive, too. Have this in mind, if it was really engaging for your followers, it automatically means that it has great content that people want to see.

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4. Respond rapidly People want to feel appreciated. Make it a habit to swiftly respond to questions, mentions, messages, and feedback as fast as you can. They feel heard, and they may identify with your brand better, and on a deeper level.


5. Use visual content Avoid the trap of just using texts, texts, texts. Spice things up and use images, too. Facebook reports more engagement on posts with images than posts without images.


6. Be unique across all platforms Don’t be tempted to post the same content across all your social media platforms. Just like minding your tone (the first point), you want to be intentional about what exactly you would want to achieve by putting out a post on any social media platform you have an account.


7. Follow Influencers There are people doing way better than you are at the moment. Follow them, watch how they structure their posts, and their frequency in posting. You will do way better if you don’t get overwhelmed by competition, but instead, aim to learn from those ahead of you.


8. Steer clear of politics and religion Please, if you do not want to piss your followers off, don’t talk about politics or religion. That’s except whatever you are doing doesn’t revolve around one of the two though.


9. Bio/Profile picture This is just like the homepage of your social media account. You want to be really careful you have all relevant information up, and you really make your business’ voice heard, and purpose easily communicable. People will sure look these up, you want to appear unique and captivating.

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10. Share, share, share It is totally okay to share content that you would love your followers to be knowledgeable about. It doesn’t mean if it comes from competition, but you tell your followers subconsciously that you care about them enough, even if that entails serving them content from the competition.


11. Hashtags When using hashtags, the world is your oyster. This is really important because it sort of puts you in the front of various brands, and getting your brand heard.


12. Use your sense of humor You don’t need to be too serious all the time using social media. Don’t make it 100% business, or you risk losing some people in the process. Instead, try to show your playful part, and also aim to entertain your followers, and they would just keep coming back for more.


Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even WhatsApp have helped a whole lot of businesses in the past years grow their following, and also multiply their profits interestingly, even on a zero budget.


The whole idea is to get your business’ voice out there. Make certain you positively stand out, and establish your brand as something they would miss out on if they don’t connect with you.